Technology leadership

The first mass production of the Integration of NOA and AVP, and the full-scene FSD solution


Reliable products

Serving the world's top OEMs, mass production models launched in Europe, E-NCAP 5-star rating

Full-stack self-research

Covering perception, decision planning and dynamic control, hardware and software development, testing and calibration, etc.

Skilled Experienced

Vehicle engineering genes, vehicle-level mass production experience

Our Advantages
One-stop Solution For Autonomous Driving
Turnkey Projects

Experienced in mass production

· Functional and algorithm development

· Software and hardware development and integration

· Test calibration

· Supply Chain Production

Software Services

Fast and flexible Customized development

Control algorithm·

Planning and Contronl Algorithms·

Shadow mode, OTA upgrade·

Basic Software·

Hardware Supply

Multiple configuration combinations to have differentiated advantages

· Domain Controller

· Specialized camera

· Millimeter wave radar

Make driverless cars a reality

In the direction of progressive autonomous driving technology, we build a mass production path centered on scenarios, and through continuous scenario expansion, we will eventually realize unmanned driving.

Insist on self-research of core algorithms, get through the basic technologies of perception, planning and control, research on human driving models and create an immersive driving experience.

Based on mass production, we have accumulated more than 1 billion kilometers of driving data, providing sufficient nutrients for deep learning and accelerating the iterative upgrade of the autonomous driving system.

The founding team has artificial intelligence + vehicle engineering genes, understands autonomous driving and car manufacturing, promoting autonomous driving technology towards inclusiveness.

In-depth research and development of cutting-edge technologies and insist on breakthroughs in key technologies

Progressive Path

Base layer technology

Data Driven
Team's Genes
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